Who are we ?

Firstly we are different !

All those who have founded or joined the Sémaphores team have had successful and more or less long careers in Agencies.

Most of them were happy there and had significant success, but all made the same observation: the « Agency » model, and especially that of the international network of agencies, is not working any more.

Of course, digitalisation has made its mark and Artificial Intelligence (And soon Emotional) can carry out certain communication actions with weak added value on very broad targets.

But today the challenge for agencies is to be able to align skills and seniority in numerous disciplines for clients with shrinking budgets and who only want to pay for what they use.

Access the right experience and the right skills

The pyramid structure of the traditional agency proves to be frustrating for its clients as well as for its collaborators.
Plus le consultant gagne en expérience moins il la partage tant il est accaparé par des The more the consultant gains in experience, the less he shares it, as he is swamped with management tasks. Paradoxically, it’s when he is most knowledgeable about his profession that he practises it the least!
As for the clients, the opportunity to have access to experienced professionals is so limited in terms of time or so expensive that they become their own Client Manager!

Est ce que c’est l’Agence qui est devenue chère ou les budgets qui ont baissé, un peu des deux. Ce qui est sûr, c’est que le niveau moyen des honoraires permet de moins en moins de faire face au coût structurel des agences traditionnelles. Cela signifie plus de clients pour les consultants et une dégradation du service.

Has the Agency become expensive, or have budgets decreased? A bit of both. What is certain is that the average level of fees makes it less and less possible to cope with the structural cost of traditional agencies. This means more clients for consultants and a degeneration in service.

As you will have gathered, the Sémaphores are messengers: your messengers, and their mission is to deliver the messages you want to convey as accurately as possible!

The Semaphores are self-employed or salaried employees. They share a certain vision of their profession whether it be one of ethics, professionalism, curiosity, intuition, success and why not pleasure!

At Les Sémaphores Associés, we love our job first and foremost. Our organisation allows us to allocate the appropriate resources to the smooth running of your strategy.